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Create a list of neighbors within close proximity to your recently listed, recently sold property, or reach out to announce an up coming open house. A radius based search is perfect for generating a list of neighbors and all you need to enter is the property address and your desired radius.

Creating a Radial Search


  • From the left navigation menu, choose "Leads"
  • Under "Neighborhood Data" select "Search"



  • Ensure that you are set to the proper "State"
  • Begin typing your starting address into the address bar. This address will serve as the center of your radius and as you type you will see possible addresses begin to populate. Once you find the exact address, simply click on it.
  • Set your radius. You are limited to 1000 matches and we recommend staying between .1 and .75 miles.
  • Choose your Augmentation Level. Premium users can select "Premium Neighborhood" for real-time augmentation for the most up-to-date, accurate information
  • Click "Generate List"