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Your FSBO and Expired Data can be setup to automatically sync into MOJO Sells. You will have the option to send all leads over as soon as they are posted to the my +plus leads portal or to manually sync them after they have been reviewed or qualified.

Configuring the MOJO Sells Sync

  • Login to your MOJO Sells Account
  • Click on the Account link in the top right navigation menu
  • Copy and paste your "Posting PIN"

  • Login to my +plus leads
  • Click "Options / Preferences -> Data Integration
  • Select "MOJO Sells" the drop-down
  • Click "Add User"
  • Paste your Posting PIN
  • Check "Is Active"
  • Optional
    • Check "Sync All Leads if you wish to have leads automtically posted to MOJO
    • Do not check if you wish to manually select the leads to be pushed