The my +plus leads Expired Upload Service allows you to upload any off-market listings directly from your MLS and receive contact information in real-time.  Simply login to your MLS System and export the data you are interested in a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) format and place them in the my +plus leads uploader. 

.CSV File Format Requirements

All files must be in the .CSV (Comma Delimited Value) file format. It should contain any relevant fields that you want brought into the system. These fields could include the Beds, Baths, Remarks, Listing Agent, Square Footage, etc. However, in-order to process the file it will only need the following fields:

  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Price
  • Status

Each must be in a separate column, so the Address, City, State, and Zip cannot be in the cell or the augmentation will fail. If your file is in another spreadsheet compatible format, you can easily convert it to .CSV format -

Creating a Mapping

For each source, you will create a one-time "mapping". The mapping will tie the fields in your file to the my +plus leads database ensuring that all of the data is displayed properly in the portal. After the mapping is created during the initial setup, you will be able to reuse it in all subsequent uploads.

You can find a detailed guide here -

Upload Your Listings

After creating your mapping, you will upload your listings into the system. You can upload both off-market (Expired, Cancelled, Withdrawn) listings to augment additional details along with recently Active, Sold, Pending listings which will be cross-referenced against your database and remove any properties with an updated status.

You can find a detailed guide here -