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Simply export your Expired, Cancelled, and / or Withdrawn leads from your local system into an .CSV format and save them to your local drive. Now, you will tell the my +plus leads system where each data point such as Price, MLS Number, Address, etc exists in your file so we can properly assign them in the portal.  This process is called mapping and will only need to be created one time. Once it is setup, you will simply download the leads daily and upload them into the portal. Using the mapping as a template, the system will automatically assign the data properly having you on the phone in moments.

Creating a Mapping

  • Under the "Uploads" section of "Expired Data" click on "Mappings"
  • Click "Add Mapping"

  • Enter the "Name" for the new mapping (typically the name of the originating MLS system)
  • Check "Has Header" if there is a header file in the .CSV file
  • Click "Choose File" next to "Header source"
  • Click "Add"

Assigning Fields for Mapping

The final step is to assign each of the fields from the .CSV export file to the my +plus leads portal ensuring they are displayed properly in the interface. The following fields are REQUIRED:

  • Address
  • Status
  • Price
  • Zip

The label on the left describes which which field to map and you will use the drop-down menu to find the corresponding column in your upload file. For large files with many columns there is a search functionality. After you have mapped the required fields, use the "+" sign to add additional fields such as MLS Number, Beds, Bathrooms, Days on Market, etc. Click "Save Changes" when all desired fields have been mapped.