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During your prospecting session, you have the ability to set Dispostions (Lead, Not Interested Voicemail) and save notes for each prospect. There are several ways you can identify listings contained in these previous sessions.

Using Hotsheets

On the Dashboard you will find "Hotsheets" which allow you quick access to "My Leads". Just set your date range and click on the link and the matching listings will be available.


Using General Search

The most powerful and flexible way to sort listings that you have called is through a Disposition Search through the general search under "Leads -> FSBO and Expired Data -> Search". You now have the ability to use all of the normal search functionality (Date Range, Area, Status, etc.) Finally, you can set the Dispositions to create a custom list.

For example, you can create a follow-up list by going back 30 to 60 days and checking the Dispositions of "Lead", "Ring No Answer", "Voicemail" to connect with the leads which need additional follow-up while removing all of the Not Interested properties.

Searching Within Your Notes

Looking for a specific record but can't remember the address or owner's name? However, you do remember facts about the conversation? Use the "Notes" search on the Dashboard to look for keywords inside of the listing notes to find that needle in a haystack.