After submitting your search parameters, you are initially take to the Summary Grid displaying all of the listings which fit your search criteria.

Explaination of Listing Summary

By Default the listings are displayed based on their distance from your Base Zip code.  There are two ways to view additional details about the property:

  • Click magnify to view Advertisement Remarks, Owner Information, Source, and Augmentation Status
  • Click magnify to view all details about the listing including images (when available), previous listing agent, owner information, and additional augmented fields not available in other reports.


Contact 1 is based upon extracted elements from an online advertisement or the primary homeowner listed in tax information, while Contact 2 is the secondary homeowner matched through tax information.  Possible sources of the Contact 1 and 2 names include:

  • Extracted from the online advertisement
  • Local Tax Records
  • Augmentation Sources based upon the property address.

Phone Matching

Email Addresses

Email addresses are provided directly from website advertisements and through augmentation against the property address.

Searching the individual records

You can use the provided Search box to look for specific properties. The available search parameters include:

  • Address
  • City
  • Zip