It is common to export leads into a .CSV format (Excel compatible) for use with 3rd party software such as CRMs (Wise Agent, Top Producer, eEdge) or Power Dialers (ArchAgent PowerDialer, Sales Dialers, or MOJO Sells). With the +plus leads system you can easily integrate your leads with these systems to enhance your marketing and prospecting. In the drop-down you will find certain providers are pre-mapped for easy integration while the "All Fields" format is easily mapped to your specific system.

Please note, due to browser restraints, you are limited to exporting a maximum of 1000 leads. This greatly reduces the chances of errors in download. If you need to download more than 1000 leads, we suggest splitting the data by date or price.

  • Choose a specific lead set by creating a query under "Leads->FSBO/Expired Data" OR click on a list from the Dashboard

  • Select the leads you you want to export from the drop-down in the top-left cell of the listings table
  • Choose your export format in the drop-down next to the "Export" button
  • Click "Export"
  • Browse to the proper folder and save the file on your local device

NOTE: This feature is disabled for trial accounts. If you are on a trial and would like to request a sample file or convert to a paid subscription to activate this feature, please open a support ticket.